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Big Hollywood - 'The Battle for America' Review: Documentary Masterpiece, Epic Call to Vote by Darin Miller - 10/19/10

"The Battle for America," like "The Return of the King," is the climactic end of an epic journey. In a concise, packed 82-minute film, Citizens United paints a vivid portrait of the atrocities of this present Congress and administration, reminding viewers that we've got one shot on November 2 to replace our elected officials, or endure another two years of bailouts and government takeovers.

This Tea Party dream film (complete with credits inspired by the "Don't Tread On Me" flag) boasts a fiery visual narrative constructed from a collection of spliced interviews, C-SPAN feeds, news reels, Hollywood and archival footage strung together in a montage sequence making the film's pace akin to a trailer. And that's what "The Battle" really is. It's a feature-length trailer, chronicling the last two years and calling out the government for atrocities committed. If everyone in America watched this trailer, I'd wager we'd have the highest turnout with the most conservative vote in U.S. history.

And with section titles like "Village of the Damned: Radical Chic," it's hardly your stereotypical conservative documentary, as it pushes the limits through brilliant montage imagery that shows as much as it verbally tells. Combined with brilliant narrators, it's smart but accessible, with insight sure to incite a revolution at the polls.


Fox Nation - Film of the Year: Battle For America - 10/08/10

Fox Nation has named Battle For America as the 'Film of the Year.'


Wash Times - The madness of Barack Obama by Mary Claire Kendall - 10/08/10

The three-act film, far from preaching to the choir, Mr. Bannon said, is directed at independents and Reagan Democrats. It's a "Greek tragedy" complete with a Greek chorus, led by Mr. Morris and including Ann Coulter, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Dobbs and others who guide the audience through a collection of sound-off videos from Mr. Obama and fellow liberals so that, in line with Mr. Bannon's vision, they are "hoist(ed) with their own petard."

Their powerfully arrayed words and actions drive home the point that they have executed and presided over the systematic transformation of America into a European socialist state that Americans didn't vote for and don't want - including cradle-to-grave health care courtesy of trillions of dollars' worth of Chinese renminbi and government control of private businesses like GM, reducing American competitiveness and jobs. As many as 100 House Democrats stand to lose their seats because they voted for Obama health care, disapproval of which tops 60 percent in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Ready or not, here comes a second American Revolution.


Soda Head Blog - Film of the Year: 'Battle for America' by Sherry Mowery - 10/08/10

'We The People,' remember the Democrats took over in Jan 2007 and they have created most of the problems we have wall street, the banks, the economy, they have had their turn and what do 'We, The People,' have to show for it 9.8% unemployment, forclosure, 40 million on food stamps enough is enough. Its time for a Change, a time for new beginings, a time to take our country back, help us on November 2nd to Restore Honor and to abide by our Constitution, let's all send a message...
'We, The People,' are not gonna take anymore.


NEWSMAX - Morris: GOP Must Hold Leads in 10 Races to Take Congress - 10/07/10

... "The meaning of that is we really need to get busy and make sure our vote shows up. To that end, I've worked with Citizens United on a new movie, and I'm very enthusiastic about it. It's an amazing movie. I'm in it, [Newt] Gingrich is in it, Ann Coulter and Fred Barnes. It's ‘Battle for America,'" at

The movie describes how crucial the stakes are in the coming election. "Wherever two or more of you are gathered, show that movie," Morris urges, "because that's what we need to do, bring in this turnout."


Big Government - Battle for America - 10/07/10

With less than a month to go before Democrats across the country face their fate, one would hope that they are reflective enough to ask themselves where they went wrong and how their out-of-touch liberal policies have failed the American people. According to a recent poll by Gallup, Congress has an 18 percent approval rating, and CNN/Time has President Obama's disapproval rating at 54 percent. It seems the tide has changed since the 2008 election. At the end of September, Congress left Washington without passing a budget and failed to even address the largest tax increases ever to hit the American people that will come in January.

Citizens United Production's latest documentary, "Battle for America" with Dick Morris, examines why Americans have such disdain for President Obama and his imperial Congress. The American people are angry. With an unemployment rate hovering around 9.6 percent and our national debt exceeding $13 trillion, Americans want real change... not the kind of change they were duped into believing two years ago. In 2008, the American people voted for what was sold as moderate and pragmatic leadership. Americans were in desperate need of a government that would focus on jobs and our troubled economy. Unfortunately, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine decided to pass the rest of Lyndon Johnson's social welfare program instead.


Election 2010 — It ain't over 'til its over - 10/07/10

The coming election is critical. We've all heard the hopeful talk, but remember what the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over 'til its over."

Let me encourage you to do whatever you can to bring back a pro-American, pro-Freedom, and pro-Life Congress in the next 30 days. Don't sit around watching Fox News. It makes you feel good but it does nothing to help. This will help:

1. Pray and fast for God's mercies.
2. Go to Find a tossup Senate race and a tossup House race. Go to their websites. Donate. Volunteer. There may be ways to volunteer even if you don't live there. Caution: don't waste time on lost causes nor on races already won.

3. Order a copy of the video Battle for America (trailer below) and host a home showing for all your pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-American friends. Most importantly, view it with your children, nieces, and nephews and their friends.

If you don't do anything, then don't complain to me about the anti-American, anti-Freedom, pro-Death people you get stuck with.


Renewing America with Ben Howe - 10/06/10

Tonight I'll be interviewing Director Stephen Bannon about his new film Battle for America. I'll also enlighten you on my experiences from 10-2 (one nation) rally in Washington DC.


Trailer: Battle for America by Sibyl West - 10/06/10

Citizens United has got IT; that certain combination of truth, vision and talent necessary to put out film that just makes my hair stand on end. They are top rate. Here's their latest with a critique at Katy's Conservative Corner. Hat tip Melissa, the incessant sweet tweeter.


Slate - Lou Dobbs's European Warmbloods Ain't Gonna Tend Themselves! by David Weigel - 10/07/10

Read it all, as it drops, conveniently, 48 hours before Dobbs, who's one of the talking heads in the Citizens United doc Battle for America, gives a fairly high-profile speech at a Tea Party Convention in Richmond.


Big Hollywood - 'Weaponizing Film': Motivating Conservative Voters With 'Battle For America' - 10/02/10

It's hard to count the explosions. Battle for America has the sort of pyrotechnics that would make Michael Bay worry about the viewers' retinas. Some buildings implode as fireballs tumble out the windows. Others crumble into clouds of dust and rubble. A group of dinosaurs, minding their own business, scrambles away from a meteor that causes a mushroom cloud, bringing them all to extinction. All of this is in the service of a very sober argument about the failures of the 111th Congress.

Battle for America is the fifth film produced in 2010 by Citizens United and the third by a former mergers-and-acquisitions manager named Stephen K. Bannon. Not too long ago, he was an amateur director. Now, he's playing his movies at Tea Party events, conventions, and special screenings like the one in Georgetown Thursday night. Citizens United President David Bossie was there, as was the movie's host, Dick Morris, and Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif. Bannon, wearing a West Point windbreaker (his daughter attended the school), was giddy about what his movies can do to the Democrats.


Politico - Conservatives on Film by Patrick Gavin - 09/28/10

It's not the Star Wars trilogy, but writer and director Stephen Bannon's trying for something epic: his latest film, "Battle for America," which chronicles the tea party movement, is the third in a trilogy that Bannon believes weaves a narrative about a burgeoning conservative movement. Bannon's hoping that by paying attention to detail and aiming high, conservative documentaries might finally compete with more successful films on the liberal side of the spectrum.

"You've always seen mass movements on the left," Bannon told POLITICO. "What intrigued me was what caused this mass movement on the right." Bannon admits that "Battle" is "a very partisan film," but says that "it's aimed at independents and Reagan Democrats who can actually step back and think about what the stakes are." (The other two films in the trilogy are "Generation Zero," which focuses on the financial crisis, and "Fire from the Heartland," which looks at leading conservative women).

Such conservative notables as Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Lou Dobbs, Fred Barnes, Sen. Kit Bond, Sen. Tom Coburn and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter make cameos in "Battle." But Dick Morris, current Republican campaign surrogate, is the default star of the film. Morris told POLITICO that "Battle" is "really a closing argument to the 2010 election. It is the case for change, the case for getting rid of the Democratic Congress and a manual about how to go about doing it."


Radio Patriot – Battle for America by Andrea Shea King - 09/28/10

Steve Bannon dropped in on Monday night's show to tell us about the third in a trilogy of Citizens United Productions docufilms about the movement to recapture America from the socialist Left that is just determined to "fundamentally transform it." Titled "Battle for America", it features Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Fred Barnes and others. Here's the trailer for the film, which premieres this Thursday in Washington DC.


Divine Ripples - Video: Battle for America this Nov. 2. The future of America is at stake - 09/28/10

Even if I am in a Democrat controlled state, I will still go out and vote because, if every Conservative do the same then we just might turn things around. Besides us, there are moderates and independents who do not approve of how America is deteriorating.



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